Welcome to Philosophy in the City, linking philosophers at the University of Liverpool with communities, culture and learning in the region.

Philosophy in the City is an exciting project run by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. The Department of Philosophy has a reputation for innovative philosophical work, and over many years it has also developed strong links with both the local community and the city’s cultural institutions. This site showcases our various activities in Liverpool, including forthcoming events, community initiatives, and our unique MA programme in Art, Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions. A full list of the institutions and organisations we have worked with over the years is available here.

Here you’ll find information on philosophical events open to the general public, occasional opinion pieces by Liverpool philosophers looking at philosophical issues in relation to current affairs, information on opportunities to study philosophy as part of our Continuing Education programme (open to all) or through our MA programmes, and details of how to get involved with philosophy in schools, in pubs, and at events around the city.

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